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  •  Modella di Wildties, vivo il Kinbaku pienamente come attività BDSM. Attiva nella comunità internazionale, traduttrice  in italiano le guide per Rope bottom e su come scegliere il proprio Rigger opera di Clover Brook.
  • I'm a Kinbaku lover. Active in the rope scene since a little bit more of two years, I'm performing both in Italy and abroad. I discovered rope bondage with my Partner and Rigger and I have been his main model since then, as well as the main subject of his pictures.
    I was into a 24/7 BDSM relationship with my partner and we were starting to experiment ropes just as a mean of “constriction”. But we found at that time pretty difficult to associate the act of tying to something even remotely erotic or arousing. It was just lived from both as a way to immobilize, and somehow humiliate me. Then we started to explore this world, and he dedicated himself to learn how ropes could turn into a practical mean of Ds. Nevertheless, in the beginning, it was just aesthetics. We used to plan a tie, we prepared the scene, he tied me, we took pictures. It was more an artistic experience then a BDSM activity. Then we attended to our first LFAJRB in 2011 and.. that was the revelation we were waiting for. I was literally crying watching the performance with Wykd_Dave and Clover because I found the missing link between ropes, and Domination-submission. That was a real turning point. And then having the luck to see all the Japanese guys from the Ichinawa-Kai group revealed all the rest, showed in a shocking way how not only the TIE, but the act of tying could be a BDSM experience for the Top and the submissive.
    As a former dancer and dance teacher, I combine in this discipline the passion for the body, movement and ropes. I love to abandone myself to the ropes and to the hands of the rigger, and this yelding allows me to enjoy even very constrictive bondage, and I particularly felt in love with Semenawa and traditional hard Japanese bondage in general. I let my all body adapt, really yield control and let go every resistance. I focus on my breathe. I offer myself as a gift to my Rigger, I repeat in my mind “I know how to handle this, I know how to turn this pain into pleasure”. I’m not a masochist. I really get hot in yielding control and challenging myself in dealing with suffering. Usually soon after facing a very difficult or painful moment, I feel very released and have a rush of blood and excitement everywhere. I turn on. So, I wait for that moment. My body is used to control and discipline. I was a classical ballet dancer for a long time, we were taught how to stay in painful and uncomfortable positions for hours. I like forcing my body to learn, and receiving the messages that it sends to my brain, I feel proud and strong in being able to transform those inputs into something pleasant. I love to be tied, controlled and dominated through ropes. Kinbaku is for me communication, love, passion and eros. It's not just about ropes.
    I'm working with Wildties as a model, and assist Him when he x teachs.
    Here you can read an interview I gave for [KinkyClover][]