martedì 15 aprile 2014

 Tomas Gallio

NAME:  Tomas Gallio - Rigger Noise
DATE AND PLACE OF BIRTH : 29.12.1984  Vicenza ITALY
I attended a workshop of 12 hours at Kinbaku Luxuria with Riccardo Wildties & Red Sabbath - Wykd Dave & Clover Brook on March 30, 2013 on various topics:
* Bondage and safety *
How to have fun with ropes reducing the risks to minimum.
* Tension *
Use the ropes as a means of communication with your partner.
* Practice and Training *
The best methods and exercises to acquire dexterity and muscle memory. How to self-correct.
* Ichinawa *
The single rope technique to Achieve the maximum connection with your partner.
* Guide for rope bottoms *
Tips and Tricks to be a better model in ropes.
* Thinking * the Rope
Understand what you are doing when you finish a tie.
* Free-styling *
All the techniques to create ties unconventional but practical and functional.
* The Takatekote Explained to Those Who think they know how to tie a takatekote.

I attended a workshop of 13 hours at Kinbaku Luxuria with Riccardo Wildties & Red Sabbath - Jack & Whipper Zahara on July 13, 2013 on various topics:
* The Moment of Intention *
In this workshop we will explore from the very beginnings of understanding how power and control Within happen every Moment When tying or being tied, and only the moment people engaged in that you have the choice of what to do with it.
This is a close examination of how, why, and what you aim to give or receive from tying. How to play With These moments, and not get bogged down or distracted by too much technique, and in doing so create an authentic connection with your partner.
* Semenawa *
This workshop focuses on the real Sado-Masochistic aspect of tying. Today we see more "beautiful models spacing suspended" then "beautifully suffering" models.
The lesson Gives practical advices on how to use ropes to suspend not only, but to give feelings, erotical feelings. The rope is not only used to constrict and immobilize, but really as an erotical torture tool. Through the progressive stress Given to the model using various positions predicament, we can arrive to the perfect mix of pleasure and pain in the ropes.
* The Art of Untying *
Many people forget untying That is an integral part of the journey! In this workshop we will discover what is important about the connection Maintaining During the process of untying and how this can be just as passionate (if not more so) than the initial tie. We will focus on incorporating the untying as a fundamental part of the session and explore the freedom Allows you this.
* Bondage for Sex *
Very practical, functional ties, fast, using all the resources Offered from the environment (a bed, a chair, a sofa, a table ...). Few knots and the maximum result, to learn how to use ropes as a mean to immobilize and to expose the body for sex! The perfect ties to play with your partner.

I attended a intensive and private workshop of 2 days at Kinbaku Luxuria with Riccardo Wildties & Red Sabbath on June 7-8, 2014


I started in June 2012 exhibiting me in a private dungeon in Bologna, then continue in the national events more important like: "DECADENCE" (Bo) - "FN / Tref Point" (Re) - "WHYFETISHNOT" (Ro) -"REGINA NERA". Currently I work with various photographers and models.